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Steve Alsop

Steve Alsop is an associate dean in the Faculty of Education, York University Canada, coordinating research and continuing professional development. Previously he directed the Centre for Learning and Research in Science Education [CLARISE] at the University of Surrey Roehampton, England; where he now holds the position of senior honorary research fellow. Steve has taught in primary and secondary schools in London, England. His research interests include affective, cognitive and epistemological issues in science education, science teacher education and internationalisation. Recent publications include; Alsop, S. and Hicks, K. (Eds.) (2002) Teaching Science. Kogan Page and Alsop, S. (Ed.) (in press) Beyond Cartesian Dualism: Encountering affect in the teaching and learning of science. Kluwer Academic Press.

Gabriel Ayyavoo (B.Sc., BEd., M.Ed.) is currently a science instructor at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. He has 18 years experience as a science teacher in Singapore and Canada. Much of his work involves promotion of student-driven science projects. Among his various activities along those lines, he is the Toronto regional coordinator for students' participation in the Canada Wide Science Fair and non-school settings.

Katherine Bellomo has been a science educator for 25 years. She has taught Science in a variety of high schools in Ontario, Canada and has been a department head and curriculum consultant for a large urban school board. Currently she teaches in the pre-service (Bachelor of Education) program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto where she is also a doctoral candidate. She has an interest is the challenges that teachers face as they construct biology curriculum, with a focus on social justice issues, for a diverse student population.

Larry Bencze (B.Sc., MSc., B.Ed., Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor in science education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Prior to this, he worked as a secondary school science teacher for eleven years and a science consultant for a school district. Larry's research programme involves development and studies of students' opportunities to be engaged in realistic contexts of knowledge building in science and technology, along with relevant pedagogical considerations.

Alex Corry (B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.) is current a vice-principal in a secondary school in Markham, Ontario. Prior to that, he worked for several years as a teacher of science and has served as a science department head for two different school districts in Ontario. He has been, and continues to be, a major proponent of student-led science project work. As a school administrator, he current work is focused around instructional leadership, building community capacity, and assessment and evaluation practices.

Kim Edwards is Head of Lower School in Presbyterian Ladies' College [PLC]. Situated in Perth, Western Australia, PLC is a K-12 girls' school with an enrolment of approximately 1000 students. Kim has a wide range of pedagogical interests including the use of Technology Enhanced Learning.

Josie Ellis excelled at Advanced level Sciences and English at Elliott School in London. She is currently an undergraduate reading English at a University in the UK. She continues to bridge the “two cultures” with a particular interest in science and the media.

Sibel Erduran is a Lecturer in Science Education at the University of Bristol. She received her PhD in science education from Vanderbilt University, MS in Food Chemistry from Cornell University and BA in Chemistry from Northwestern University. She taught high school chemistry in Cyprus, and had research and teaching experience at University of Pittsburgh and King's College, University of London. Her research interests include cognitive and epistemol

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